May 15, 2020

Credit without Credit bureau information without prepayment.

 Fixed percentage of the loan amount

 Fixed percentage of the loan amount

The credit without Credit bureau information without prepayment is a form of loan in Agree banking that is usually not available at all. This is simply due to the fact that the lack of Credit bureau information represents a major cut in the creditworthiness of the borrower. As a result, it is very difficult to take out a loan in Germany if the borrower does not want his Credit bureau to be checked for its valuation.

However, such loans exist abroad, especially in the form of Swiss loans. These are issued by Cream banks and do not include a previous Credit bureau check, but the borrower must of course have some income, which is ideally earned as a civil servant or at least a permanent employee.

Nevertheless, care should be taken to ensure that fees or a fixed percentage of the loan amount should never be due in advance. Many lenders waive these commissions and fees anyway, which is why there is no reason to pay them to other lenders in advance.

The large number of loans on the credit market are completely without any prepayment conditions, even if the borrower may only have an average or below-average credit rating. Any fees incurred when borrowing are usually offset against the total cost of the loan and consequently paid off in installments, sometimes also in the final installment of the loan

No Credit bureau, no prepayment?

No Credit bureau, no prepayment?

Credit bureau’s information is an important part of the credit check of Agree banks. Foreign banks, on the other hand, do not review the Credit bureau ranking, which is why borrowers who have been negative in the past can still get a loan here. A high income and possibly attachable assets also increases the chances of getting the loan.

With the help of a loan comparison, suitable banks can be specifically searched for, which do without the annoying review of Credit bureau. Reputable banks usually arrange the loans without prepayment! A loan without Credit bureau information without prepayment in a modified form is also available from private individuals. In this case, the borrower takes out a loan from a person under private law, who consequently acts as a lender.

This type of credit without Credit bureau information without prepayment is usually issued on a friendship basis, so that the borrowed money must be paid back, but does not necessarily incur interest. In addition, the installment payments can often be freely negotiated with the lender if there is a good personal relationship. Often, this type of loan is possible, but it always depends heavily on whether there are suitable people in the private environment with the appropriate income.

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